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Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn – hidden gem in the hart of Amsterdam

Rembrandt Square in Amsterdam is highly popular among tourists due to many cafes and lively atmosphere. I normally would not go there in search for a restaurant for a nice lunch or dinner, but my opinion changed recently. My boyfriend and I had an amazing dinner at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn.

The interior is quite international with a high celling,  a long bar, modern lamps and decoration. 

They have a diverse menu: everything from stake, risotto to many fish dishes. Since we love to be surprised when eating somewhere for the first time we went for a 5 course chefs menu. No regrets!

The appetiser consisted of a watermelon cube soaked in ginger beer with wasabi mayonaise and sesame seeds. It was served with gnocchi filled with curry and smoked egg. Delicious!

The rest of the courses did not disappoint either.

First they served us monkfish followed by lobster served on the dry ice, which gave a wonderful effect of smokey mist coming from beneath the plate. After lovely white fish was served. Kitchen & Bar van Rijn serves bycatch (in Dutch ‘bijvaangst) which is the fish that is normally exported or even thrown back into the sea because they are unknown to the customer.

Veal etrecote was prepared in sous vide which is quite unique. Sous vide is a method of cooking in which the food is vacuum-sealed in a plastic pouch and placed into the water bath for longer than normal cooking time (usually up to 7 hours) at the accurate regulated temperature that is much lower than normally used for cooking.  The chef showed us the process of making an entrecote in sous vide which made our experience even more unique. Finally the dessert- panna cotta. Proper lush.

In addition to that wine pairings were spot on, the atmosphere was vibrant and the service was great.

So next time you are in the city centre of Amsterdam go grab a cocktail and a dinner at Kitchen & Bar van Rijn.

x Anja

Kitchen & Bar Van Rijn

Rembrandt Square (Rembrandtplein) 17,


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Top 5 coffee spots in Utrecht





Love coffee as much as I do?

Below are my favourite 5 coffee spots in Utrecht:



Why: if you love good coffee, bearded  boys, almond croissants, craft beer and music


The Village Voorstraat-Voorstraat 46, 3512 AP Utrecht

The Village Wolvenplein-Wolvenplein 29, 3512 CK Utrecht

The Village Science Park -Bisschopssteeg 21, 3584 SB Utrecht

Check out:  The Village Coffee



Why: if you love coffee, fresh baked apple pie & old classroom looking interior

Where: Vleutenseweg 169, 3532 HC Utrecht

Check out: Koffie & Ik



Why: coffee, super friendly service and vintage interior

Where:Westerkade 30, 3511 HC Utrecht

Check out: Koffie Leute



Why: coffee, perfect working space in the centre of Utrecht

Where: Mariastraat 35, 3511 LN Utrecht

Check out: 30ml



Why: coffee, amazing hummus sandwich and lots of space to sit outside

Where:Vleutenseweg 169, 3532 HC Utrecht

Check out: Broei


Anja X

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Private dinner – Klein Agency Antwerpen

Klein Agency is located on the island in Antwerpen. The design duo behind LMBRJK- Jon and Masa started with the new concept Klein in 2014. It is a place where you can buy unique objects from Berlin, Japan and Belgium and also have an amazing Californian breakfast on the weekends.

Klein turns in into a dining club on selected Friday’s. The club is private but you can sign in online.

Eating there is not just “eating” it is a social experiment – 12 strangers behind one table for a night when the can connect in an unexpected setting. The menu consists of 7- course tasting sequence showcasing bold flavours, unusual pairings and carefully crafted cocktails.

In November 2015 they also launched their debut home collection.


Klein Agency

Braziliëstraat 23,

2000 Antwerpen,


Anja x

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